What is the Best Computer Antivirus Software?


The best, the greatest, number 1…we all want to have the best.  It makes us feel comfortable, stable, and safe.  I am always looking for the best no matter what I am shopping for.  I want the product I am looking for to do what it is supposed to do while providing ease of use and great value.

When I was shopping around for virus protection software, I didn’t just want antivirus software, I wanted the best computer antivirus software available.  Of course every company making software nowadays claims to be the best.  The big question is how do you sort through all of the information online and make an informed decision?  I will break it down for you, in easy to understand language.

How To Avoid Computer Viruses

The Windows blue screen of death

Dreaded Blue Screen of Death

Avoiding computer viruses is rather simple in practice and with a little bit of knowledge, you can keep your computer virus free.  We all do our best to keep ourselves virus free so why not our digital selves as well?  Nowadays, we keep our entire digital life on our computer and in the cloud, and protecting that data has become more vital than ever before.

On a most basic level, avoiding computer viruses requires your gut feeling.  If it doesn’t feel right, then chances are it probably isn’t.  Email is one of the most common ways

How Are Computer Viruses Made?


The birth of a virus starts with a programmer and a keyboardComputer viruses fall under the category of malware, or malicious software.  They are programs written in a computer language and designed to replicate themselves when installed on a computer or electronic device.

So, how are computer viruses made?  They are born in the mind of a talented programmer who creates them for any number of reasons.  They could be bored, have too much time on there hands, revenge against a former employer, political reasons, criminal reasons (stealing banking information, identity theft), state sponsored espionage, gain recognition among their peers, or just because they can.

What Is A Computer Virus?


Hello everyone…

A hacker trying to gain access to your computerI wanted to start off this inaugural post of my new blog with a basic definition – What is a Computer Virus?  There seems to be a lot of confusion out there when it comes to this topic.  It has the potential to be quite complex because in today’s digital playground, the term has expanded to encompass many different types of nasty programs.  It has also come to describe different techniques used to deceive you, the computer user, into giving up your banking credentials or email address.